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Gregory Stewart: G Storm Entertainment Founder & CEO


Gregory Stewart


Gregory Stewart is a Game Developer, Author, Photographer, and Videographer. Growing up in Northwestern Philadelphia, Greg has spent most of his life creating stories and developing new ideas he dreams to share with the world. Stewart started G Storm Inc. to introduce his imaginative world to the real world. Greg graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2017 with a Bachelor's in Communications Media. Ever since his youthful days, Greg has always been fascinated with the world of entertainment. G Storm will start the next generation of entertainment for all to enjoy!​

"With every storm comes a clear sky"

What is Greg Up to?
Meeting Greg Stewart

Books Department


Eternity's End Chapter 1 is now available to read on GlobalComix.com

Volume #1 of Eternity's End is in development and so are two new IPs written and published by G Storm.

A Fantasy novel is also in the works! 

This video will available to view once it is completed.

Media Department


G Storm is currently planning game projects set to be released on all platforms such as PlayStation, X Box, Nintendo Switch and Steam. In the future, both animated and live action short films will be developed by G Storm and will be available on G Storm's Youtube Channel.

Work Experience

Writing- Storytelling


I've been writing for as long as I can remember. It always used to be for fun. However, in recent years, I have been working on improving my writing skills by learning techniques and studying written material created and published by successful authors.


In Game Development, my strong-suit is storytelling, which comes from my love of Creative Writing. With G Storm, I hope to bring forth fresh stories that all can enjoy whether it is through the characters, the plot, or the lessons taught.

Shopping Department


The merchandise for G Storm Entertainment has not been released yet. G Storm will have a plethora of merchandise for individuals of all ages ranging from shirts, hats, backpacks, and more! Please look forward to the release of the G Storm Store!

RPG Maker- 2D Games


RPG was the first step into Game Design for me. Ever since I was 13-years old, I taught myself how to use the engine. I would write short stories and develop a small game out of it just for fun. Now that I am older, my goal is to take the RPG Maker Engine and develop a professional game to the best of the engine's ability and of my own

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If you wish to learn more about my experience, ask me via email!

Unreal Engine- 3D Games


Unreal Engine is fairly new to me. I began learning this program in early 2021 and have learned much since then. As I learn, I develop new ideas I want to bring to life. 

Other Interests

Below are a list of things I also have interest in for G Storm aside from Game Development and Writing! I hope I can gain your support during this journey.


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