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G Storm

Create. Learn. Succeed

Welcome to G Storm Entertainment! This is a black-owned Publishing company that creates and self-publishes a variety of media such as video games, comics, novels, and short films.

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   Mission       Statement

G Storm Entertainment aims to inspire creators of all ages and colors to create new ideas they are passionate about and share it with the world. From comic books to video games, G Storm strives to show what one can achieve if they wish to walk the path of an Independent Content Creator.

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Check out some of the various book series written and created by G Storm. There are books for all ages and new worlds for you to explore and imagine!


G Storm Entertainment has a variety of media content! From animated videos to video games, G Storm strives to expand it's brand with entertainment on all platforms!

G Storm Store

G Storm Store is currently in development. It will contain all things G Storm from books, shirts, and other merchandise.

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